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2009 Key Stage 2 English SATs Reading Booklet The Earth Ship (filename "ks2-english-2009-reading-booklet-2.pdf") includes:

Earthship leaflet FINAL big text PALER.qxp:Layout 1 15/1/09 14:15 Page 1 the home of the future – built from waste – dirt cheap to run The Earthship Earthship in Brighton Photo by Mischa Hewitt The Earthship is the home of the future and it can help save the future of our planet. How? Earthships are built using recycled materials, especially old car tyres. Every year, there are 48 million used tyres in Britain that have to be thrown away. They are either buried in tips or burnt, creating greenhouse gases. The growing mountain of car tyres is a huge environmental concern, but now, in the building of Earthship homes, one problem can be used to solve another. The mountain of old tyres can provide homes for people who need them. Old bottles, reclaimed wood and other waste materials are also used in the construction of these homes. And that’s not all – another important advantage of Earthships is that they cost almost nothing to run. The Earthship is a house that: • takes heat from the sun so your heating bills are very small • maintains a comfortable living temperature: neither too hot, nor too cold • makes electricity from sun and wind • collects its own water from rain so you never have to pay water bills A happy customer of a twobedroom Earthship wrote: “The lowest temperature in my house was 21°C and the highest 24°C. The total energy bill for the year was only £25.” A builder said: “These walls will still be here in 800 years’ time – that’s how long rubber tyres last. My daughter’s children will be able to come and see what I’ve done long after I’m gone.” • disposes of all waste. Cosy bedroom Sunny living room Mike Reynolds, the man who first thought up this new eco-house, called it ‘The Earthship’ because it is designed to be a home that will ‘sail’ into the future. Tyres make the perfect building material. They are packed with earth, stacked like bricks and plastered. For more information and Sourced fromhow to contact us, go to SATs-Papers.co.uk www.lowcarbon.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk © Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 2009 289975 Earthships are built partly underground in the side of a hill. 14:15 Reed beds – human waste recycled here. The open end of each U-shaped room is a south-facing window, so, during the day, the sun shines in and heats it up. At night, the soil surrounding the rooms radiates the heat back in. No other form of heating or cooling is required. The temperature never falls below 15°C, as the walls are capable of storing heat for weeks. Underground water tanks – rain is caught from the sky and stored in large underground tanks. Water is filtered for drinking. Water from the shower is recycled for flushing the toilets and for watering plants. 15/1/09 Wind turbines – electricity is also made from wind energy. Living spaces – usually U-shaped rooms dug into the side of a hill and lined with tyres on three sides. Solar panels are set above the building to make electricity from sunlight. Solar power provides enough energy to run lights and electrical equipment and to heat up water. Batteries can store sunlight energy for several days. A plan of a simple Earthship Earthship leaflet FINAL big text PALER.qxp:Layout 1 Page 2