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2013 Key Stage 2 English SATs Reading Answer Booklet (filename "ks2-english-2013-reading-answer-booklet.pdf") includes:

En KEY STAGE English tests 2 LEVELS 3–5 English reading answer booklet: Wolf pack First name 2013 Middle name Last name Date of birth Day Month Year School name DfE number For marker’s use only Page Marks 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 Total marks (50) Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk [BLANK PAGE] Please do not write on this page. 02 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk Instructions Questions and answers You have now had 15 minutes to read the Reading booklet. In this booklet, there are different types of question for you to answer in different ways. The space for your answer shows you what type of writing is needed. • s  hort answers Some questions are followed by a short line or a box. This shows that you need only write a word or phrase in your answer. • s  everal line answers Some questions are followed by a few lines. This gives you space to write more words or a sentence or two. • l onger answers Some questions are followed by a large box. This shows that a longer, more detailed answer is needed to explain your opinion. You can write in full sentences if you want to. • o  ther answers For some questions you do not need to do any writing and you should tick, draw lines to, or put a ring around your answer. Read the instructions carefully so that you know how to answer the question. Marks The number under each box at the side of the page tells you the maximum number of marks for each question. Please wait until you are told to start work on page 4. You should work through the booklet until you are asked to stop, referring to your reading booklet when you need to. When a question includes a page reference, you should refer to the text on that page to help you with your answer. You will have 45 minutes to answer the questions in this booklet. Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 03 Questions 1 – 8 are about The Jungle Book – book and film R10070001 – 16 October 2012 2:33 PM – Version 1 (pages 4 – 5). 1. In what year was The Jungle Book made into a film? 1 1 mark R10070002 – 16 October 2012 2:49 PM – Version 1 2. The tiger’s name, Shere Khan, comes from two different languages. What are they? 2 and 3. R10070003 – 16 October 2012 2:56 PM – Version 2 1 mark Shere Khan fears only two things. What are they? Tick two. wolves guns humans fire tigers 04 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk 3 1 mark http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk R10070008 – 16 October 2012 2:59 PM – Version 1 4. When does Mother Wolf become a fierce fighter? 4 1 mark R10070005 – 14 November 2012 9:05 AM – Version 3 5. Complete the table below to show the characters in The Jungle Book, their names, and the meaning of their names. Character Name Rama Meaning of name pleasant Shere Khan Human ‘cub’ no meaning 5 R10070010 – 16 October 2012 3:14 PM – Version 1 2 marks 6. Look at page 5. Why is the word ‘cub’ written in inverted commas? 6 1 mark Total please turn over 7 marks Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 05 R10070011 – 16 October 2012 3:16 PM – Version 1 7. Following the introduction, how is the text on pages 4 and 5 organised? Tick one. in alphabetical order in order of importance in no particular order 7 in order of size 1 mark R10070012 – 3 January 2013 9:58 AM – Version 2 8. Label each arrow to show different parts of the information. A – title B – introduction C – sub-heading D – description 8 1 mark 06 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk R10080002-08 – 10 December 2012 Questions 9 – 18 are about The Jungle Book – an extract 5:37 PM – Version 2 (pages 6 – 7). 9. Choose the best word or group of words to fit the passage and put a ring around your choice. The story begins with Shere Khan setting out to hunt. Father Wolf knows that the tiger has not caught anything so far because of his a) 9a purr. whine. grunt. howl. 1 mark Father Wolf thinks that making a noise while hunting is b) 9b brave. unwise. clever. funny. 1 mark Mother Wolf senses that Shere Khan is hunting c) any animal he can find. wolves. Man. frogs and beetles. 9c 1 mark Another noise rips through the jungle. This time, Shere Khan lets out a loud howl of d) 9d joy fear victory pain 1 mark as he crashes into e) 9e a tree. Father Wolf. a fire. a woodcutter’s hut. 1 mark The wolves become worried when they hear the nearby bushes rustle. In his alarm, Father Wolf f) 9f pounces. barks. runs off. hides his cubs. 1 mark Instead of being under attack, they find a human baby. They are filled with g) 9g worry. fear. hunger. curiosity. 1 mark Total please turn over 9 marks Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 07 R10080001 – 14 January 2013 11:57 AM – Version 1 10. In The Jungle Book, Shere Khan is an unlikeable and dangerous character. Give three things on page 6 that support this view. 10 3 – Version 2 R10080009 – 16 October 2012 4:33 PMmarks 11. Tick true or false to show whether the following are laws of the jungle in The Jungle Book. Animals are allowed to... true false hunt other animals. hunt humans if they are hungry. hunt humans for training cubs. hunt humans for sport. hunt humans anywhere in the jungle. 11 2 marks 08 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk R10080013 – 16 October 2012 3:33 PM – Version 1 12. Look at the paragraph beginning: The Law of the Jungle... The animals of the jungle avoid hunting Man because it is: • harmful to all the animals of the jungle • harmful to the man-eater. Explain how it is harmful in the table below. harmful to all the animals harmful to the man-eater ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ 12 2 marks R10080019 – 10 December 2012 5:40 PM – Version 3 13. Look at the paragraph beginning: The bushes rustled... (page 7). What does checked in mid-spring mean? Tick one. The wolf looks to see where he is going. The wolf stops half way through his jump. The wolf gets ready to jump. The wolf wants to see how high he can jump. 13 1 mark Total please turn over 8 marks Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 09 R10080031 – 10 December 2012 5:42 PM – Version 1 14. In the paragraph beginning: The bushes rustled... (page 7), the writer uses other words meaning jump. Find and copy two other words. 1. 14 2. 1 mark R10080027 – 18 October 2012 3:59 PM – Version 1 15. The writer uses the expression mouth an egg when describing how wolves behave. What does this tell us about how a wolf carries its young? 15 1 mark 10 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk R10080021-24 – 24 October 2012 1:46 PM – Version 1 16. Use this paragraph to answer all of question 16. “How little! How naked, and – how bold!” said Mother Wolf, softly. The baby was pushing his way between the cubs to get close to the warm hide. “Ah! He is taking his meal with the others. And so this is a man’s cub. Now, was there ever a wolf that could boast of a man’s cub among her children?” a) From this short paragraph you can tell that: Tick one. The baby was really a wolf cub. The baby was about one year old. Mother Wolf was fierce. Mother Wolf wanted to keep the baby. b) c) d) 16a 1 mark Underline the word that shows that Mother Wolf would be proud to have a human baby in her family. Find and copy one word that shows that Mother Wolf did not want to alarm the baby. 16b 1 mark 16c 1 mark How can you tell from this paragraph that the baby is not frightened? 16d 1 mark Total please turn over 6 marks Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 11 R10080033-34 – 17 October 2012 1:04 PM – Version 1 17. a) What is the most tense moment in the story? 17a 1 mark b) What happens to bring the tension to an end? 17b 1 mark R10080030 – 18 October 2012 4:01 PM – Version 1 18. Think about everything you have read on pages 6 and 7. What impression of wolves does the writer give? Explain your answer as fully as you can. 18 3 marks 12 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk R10090002 – 10 December 2012 5:43 PM – Version 4 Questions 19 – 20 are about Wolves – good or bad? (page 8). 19. Wolves can be represented as good or bad. Put ticks in the table below to show how wolves are represented in the following: good impression bad impression The Jungle Book fairy tales Roman myths popular expressions 19 1 mark Total please turn over 6 marks Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 13 R10090005-06 – 17 October 2012 1:25 PM – Version 2 20. This is an extract from page 8. A To wolf down food – to eat greedily B a) Why is part A in bold print? 20a 1 mark b) What is the purpose of part B? 20b 1 mark 14 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk R10100001 – 10 December 2012 5:44 PM – Version 2 Questions 21 – 24 are about Romulus and Remus (page 9). 21. Number the following statements (1 – 6) to show the order in which they happened in the legend. The first one has been done for you. The twins fought and one died. The twins were left floating on the River Tiber. The city of Rome was named. A wolf rescued the twins. The twins were born. 1 A shepherd looked after the twins. 21 1 mark R10100005 – 10 December 2012 5:46 PM – Version 1 22. or so the story tells us… (on the second line of the legend). What does this expression suggest to the reader? Tick one. The writer... does not know all the details. thinks it is an amusing story. is saying it is true. 22 is not sure if it is true. 1 mark Total please turn over 4 marks Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 15 R10100007 – 10 December 2012 5:46 PM – Version 2 23. The wolf in Romulus and Remus is caring and gentle. Find and copy three words which give this idea. 1. 2. 23 3. 2 marks R10100010 – 18 October 2012 4:10 PM – Version 10 24. The twins disagreed over many things. Write down three things about which they disagreed. 1. 2. 24 3. 16 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk 2 marks http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk R10110001 – 17 October 2012 2:05 PM – Version 1 Questions 25 – 27 are about Wolf communication (page 10). 25. How do wolves communicate with each other? Find two ways. 1. 25 2. 1 mark R10110002 – 17 October 2012 2:10 PM – Version 2 26. Look at the illustrations of the wolves. Tick to show if the following statements are true or false. true false A wolf shows its teeth when threatening. A wolf’s ears point up when it is afraid. It is safe to approach a wolf when its mouth is open. A wolf is always frightened when its mouth is closed. 26 1 mark Total please turn over 6 marks Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 17 R10110009 – 17 October 2012 2:16 PM – Version 2 27. How can you tell that the author of page 10 has studied wolves closely? Tick two. The author can communicate with wolves. The illustrations are detailed. The illustrations show head and shoulders only. The author supports wolves in the wild. The author includes expert information. The written information is long and full of detail. 18 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk 27 1 mark http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk R10110004-05 – 17 October 2012 2:24 PM – Version 2 Questions 28 – 29 are about the whole booklet. 28. Use the illustrations on page 10 to answer the following questions about the characters in The Jungle Book. a) Which two of these expressions might have been on Father Wolf’s face when he pounced into the bushes at the top of page 7? • 28a • b) Which one of these expressions might have been on Mother Wolf’s face when she was looking at the human baby? 1 mark 28b R10120006 – 17 October 2012 2:29 PM – Version 2 1 mark 29. People like to read different texts for different reasons. Match the texts below to the type of reader who might most enjoy it. someone who likes myths and legends The Jungle Book - book and film, pages 4-5 someone interested in animal behaviour The Jungle Book, pages 6-7 someone interested in cartoon films Romulus and Remus, page 9 someone who likes well-known literature Wolf communication, page 10 29 1 mark Total End of test. 4 marks Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 19 2013 Key Stage 2 levels 3-5 English reading: English reading answer booklet Print version product code: STA/13/6016/p ISBN: 978-1-4459-5656-5 Electronic PDF version product code: STA/13/6016/e ISBN: 978-1-4459-5671-8 © Queen’s Printer and Controller of HMSO 2013 Material contained in these booklets may be reproduced for educational and training purposes within a school setting, provided you acknowledge the copyright ownership of the material and you give the title of the source document. Reproduction or re-use of the material is not permitted for any commercial purpose. For more copies Additional printed copies of this booklet are not available. It can be downloaded from STA’s orderline at http://orderline.education.gov.uk. Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk