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Ma KEY STAGE Mathematics test 2 LEVELS 3–5 Test A Calculator not allowed First name Middle name 2012 Last name School DfE number For marker’s use only Page Marks 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 Total Sourced from These three children appear in some of the questions in this test. Kirsty Seb Mina 2 Sourced from Instructions You may not use a calculator to answer any questions in this test. Work as quickly and as carefully as you can. You have 45 minutes for this test. If you cannot do one of the questions, go on to the next one. You can come back to it later, if you have time. If you finish before the end, go back and check your work. Follow the instructions for each question carefully. This shows where you need to put the answer. If you need to do working out, you can use any space on a page. Some questions have an answer box like this: Show your working For these questions you may get a mark for showing your working. 3 Sourced from 1 Match each shape to the correct name. One has been done for you. pentagon triangle octagon quadrilateral 1i hexagon 1ii 2 marks 4 Sourced from 2 Write these prices in order, starting with the smallest. £ 20.50 £ £ 25 £20.05 £2.50 £ £ £ 2 1 mark smallest 3 Circle the number which is closer to 1000 996 1006 Explain how you know. 3 1 mark 5 Sourced from Total out of 4 4 Kirsty, Seb and Mina made toffee apples to sell at the school fair. They made 80 toffee apples altogether. Kirsty sold 12 toffee apples. Seb sold 25 toffee apples. Mina sold 17 toffee apples. How many toffee apples were left? Show your working 4ai 4aii 2 marks Kirsty sold her 12 toffee apples for 50p each. How much money did she collect? 4b 1 mark 6 Sourced from 5 Here is a number machine. 4 7 +3 ×2 14 Here is another number machine. Write the four missing numbers. +3 ×2 42 +3 ×2 5i 5ii 7 Sourced from Total out of 5 2 marks 6 Kirsty, Seb, Mina, Jack and Donna belong to a sports club. This table shows the sports they do in one week. Mon Swimming Jogging Cycling Tues Seb Thurs Fri Jack Kirsty Jack Wed Kirsty Donna Donna Mina Kirsty Jack Mina Kirsty Donna Jack Seb How many of the children do not go swimming? 6a 1 mark Write the names of all the children who go both jogging and cycling. 6b 1 mark 8 Sourced from 7 Calculate  507  –  291 7 8 1 mark This square has two dots on each side. The dots are equally spaced. Join two dots to divide the square into two equal parts. Use a ruler. 8 1 mark 9 Sourced from Total out of 4 9 Shade 1 of this shape. 4 9 1 mark 10 Complete this table to show the numbers rounded to the nearest 100 One has been done for you. rounded to the nearest hundred 300 316 3162 31628 10i 316281 10ii 2 marks 10 Sourced from 11 Kirsty draws this shape on a grid. She turns her grid one quarter turn clockwise. Draw the shape in its new position after the turn. Use a ruler. 11 1 mark 11 Sourced from Total out of 4 12 These are the prices of cheese in a shop. Cheddar cheese 82p for 100 grams Edam cheese 66p for 100 grams Cottage cheese 45p for 100 grams Mina buys 200g of Cheddar cheese and 150g of Edam cheese. How much does she pay altogether? Show your working 12ai £ 12aii 2 marks Seb buys some cottage cheese for £1.35 How many grams of cottage cheese does he get? g 12b 1 mark 12 Sourced from 13 Here are five shapes on a regular grid. A B C E D Which shape has the longest perimeter? 13a 1 mark Which shape has only one line of symmetry? 13 Sourced from Total out of 5 13b 1 mark 14 Calculate  144  ÷  6 14 15 1 mark These are all times on the same morning. A 7:56 am B quarter to eight C six minutes to eight D half past seven Write the letters for the times in order, starting with the earliest. 15 1 mark 14 Sourced from 16 Here is a Venn diagram for sorting numbers. Write each number in its correct place on the diagram. 10   11   12   13 multiples of 2 multiples of 4 16i 16ii 2 marks 15 Sourced from Total out of 4 17 Freddie is half as tall as his mother. Freddie is one metre shorter than his father. Freddie’s father is 180 centimetres tall. How many centimetres tall is Freddie’s mother? cm 17 1 mark Calculate  560  ×  28 18 Show your working 18i 18ii 2 marks 16 Sourced from 19 Here are five letters on a scale. 1 litre A B D C 2 litres E Match each letter to one of the capacities in the list below. 1200 ml 1.7 l 1 4 1 l 1560 ml 19i 1.07 l 19ii 2 marks 17 Sourced from Total out of 5 20 Seb has some cubes with a cross on each face and some cubes with a circle on each face. He sticks five cubes together to make this shape. How many crosses and how many circles are there on the outside of the shape? Number of crosses  20a 1 mark Number of circles  20b 1 mark 18 Sourced from 21 Mina has 5 more marbles than Kirsty. Kirsty has 2 more marbles than Seb. Altogether they have 30 marbles. How many marbles does each child have? Show your working 21i Mina Kirsty Seb 21ii 2 marks 19 Sourced from Total out of 4 22 This pie chart shows the ingredients to make a food mixture for wild birds. suet millet sunflower seeds dried bread crumbs Estimate the percentage of mixture that is suet. % 22a 1 mark Mina uses 100 grams of millet in the mixture. Estimate how many grams of sunflower seeds she should use. g 22b 1 mark 20 Sourced from 23 Write these in order of size, starting with the smallest. 3 4 0.34 0.7 43% 23 1 mark smallest 24 In a class, 18 of the children are girls. A quarter of the children in the class are boys. Altogether, how many children are there in the class? Show your working 24i 24ii 2 marks 21 Sourced from Total out of 5 End of test 22 Sourced from Sourced from © Crown copyright 2012 STA/12/5588 (Pupil pack) STA/12/5581 (Mark schemes pack) Sourced from

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