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Ma KEY STAGE Mathematics tests 2 LEVEL 6 Paper 2 Calculator allowed First name 2013 Middle name Last name Date of birth Day Month Year School name DfE number Sourced from [BLANK PAGE] Please do not write on this page. 02 Sourced from Instructions You may use a calculator to answer any questions in this test. Work as quickly and as carefully as you can. You have 30 minutes for this test. If you cannot do one of the questions, go on to the next one. You can come back to it later, if you have time. If you finish before the end, go back and check your work. Follow the instructions for each question carefully. This shows where you need to put the answer. If you need to do working out, you can use any space on a page. Some questions have an answer box like this: Show your method For these questions you may get a mark for showing your method. Sourced from 03 M01450_oddeven – 25 February 2013 8:36 AM – Version 3 x stands for an odd number. 1 y stands for an even number. Look at the expressions below. For each expression, tick to show if it is odd or even. The first one is done for you. odd x+y even  x + 2y 2 (x + y) xy x2 + y M01450_oddeven L5 04 Sourced from A 2 marks M01446_zoo story – 25 February 2013 8:34 AM – Version 5 2 In a zoo, the adult polar bear weighs three times more than the baby elephant. polar bear elephant Together they weigh 700 kilograms. How much does the polar bear weigh? Show your method kg 2 marks M01446_zoo story Sourced from L5 N 05 M01451_calcangle – 25 February 2013 8:37 AM – Version 2 3 The diagram shows an isosceles triangle and a square on a straight line. 34° a Not to scale Calculate angle a. Show your method ° 2 marks M01451_calcangle L5 06 Sourced from S M01462_scattershot – 25 February 2013 8:42 AM – Version 4 4 Here are three scatter graphs showing the heights of people and the cost of clothes. A B cost cost height C cost height height Chen says, ‘The taller you are, the more your clothes cost.’ Megan says, ‘The shorter you are, the more your clothes cost.’ Alfie says, ‘There is no relationship between your height and what your clothes cost.’ Write the letter of each scatter graph that shows what each person says. Chen M01462_scattershot Sourced from L6 D Megan Alfie 1 mark 07 M01452_primerounding – 25 February 2013 8:38 AM – Version 3 Chen chooses a prime number. 5 He multiplies it by 10 and then rounds it to the nearest hundred. His answer is 400 Write all the possible prime numbers Chen could have chosen. 2 marks M01452_primerounding L5 08 Sourced from N M01443_hobbybar – 25 February 2013 8:32 AM – Version 4 6 Alfie asks some boys and girls about their favourite hobby. He shows the results on a graph. 100% Key: reading sport TV 50% cinema 0% Boys Girls The graph shows that 44% of boys chose sport. Estimate the percentage of girls who chose sport. % 1 mark 120 boys chose reading. Estimate the number of boys who chose cinema. boys 1 mark M01443_hobbybar Sourced from L5 D 09 M01448_lizwalk – 25 February 2013 8:35 AM – Version 4 7 Megan goes on a walking holiday for five days. The table shows how far she walked on the first four days. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 14km 23km 13km 13km Megan says, ‘My average for the first four days is more than 15km.’ Explain why Megan is correct. 1 mark Friday is her last day. She wants to increase her average to 17km Show How many kilometres must she walk on Friday? your method Show your method km 2 marks M01448_lizwalk L5 10 Sourced from D M01454_tanker – 25 February 2013 8:39 AM – Version 3 Every second, 300cm3 of water comes out of a tap into a cuboid tank. 8 Not actual size 12cm 40cm 40cm The base of the tank is 40cm by 40cm The height is 12cm How many seconds does it take to fill the tank? Show your method seconds 2 marks M01454_tanker Sourced from L6 S 11 M01463_trial run – 25 February 2013 8:43 AM – Version 2 y stands for a number. 9 y×y×y=5 The most accurate value for y to one decimal place is 1.7 because 1.7 × 1.7 × 1.7 = 4.913 k stands for a number. k × k × k = 10 Find the most accurate value for k correct to one decimal place. Show your method k= 2 marks M01463_trial run L6 12 Sourced from N M01457_stickup – 25 February 2013 8:40 AM – Version 3 10 A box of sticky labels costs £33.50 There are 150 sheets of labels in the box. 150 sheets There are 14 labels on each sheet. What is the cost of one label to the nearest penny? Show your method p 2 marks M01457_stickup Sourced from L6 N 13 M01467_counter culture – 25 February 2013 8:43 AM – Version 3 11 A bag contains 35 red counters only. Chen adds green counters to the bag. The probability of picking a green counter is now 0.3 How many green counters did Chen add? Show your method 2 marks M01467_counter culture L6 14 Sourced from D M01458_blade runner – 25 February 2013 8:41 AM – Version 3 12 Here is a trapezium with a height of 10 centimetres. 5.5cm Not actual size 10cm 10.5cm The parallel sides are 5.5cm long and 10.5cm long. Find the area of the trapezium. Show your method cm2 2 marks M01458_blade runner Sourced from L6 S 15 2013 Key Stage 2 level 6 mathematics: Paper 2 Print version product code: STA/13/6037/p ISBN: 978-1-4459-5759-3 Electronic PDF version product code: STA/13/6037/e ISBN: 978-1-4459-5760-9 © Queen’s Printer and Controller of HMSO 2013 Material contained in these booklets may be reproduced for educational and training purposes within a school setting, provided you acknowledge the copyright ownership of the material and you give the title of the source document. Reproduction or re-use of the material is not permitted for any commercial purpose. For more copies Additional printed copies of this booklet are not available. 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