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En English tests KEY STAGE 3 Subject-specific guidance Reading LEVELS 4–7 The Reading paper should be administered in one session. 15 minutes’ reading time 1 hour to answer the questions Key points Ensure that each pupil has a Reading booklet and a Reading answer booklet. 2007 Pupils should write their name and the name of the school on the answer booklet and any additional lined paper that is requested during the test. Read the instructions on the front cover of the Reading answer booklet to pupils. Pupils must be instructed to read the whole Reading booklet during the 15 minutes’ reading time. They must not look at the questions in the Reading answer booklet during this time. However, they may annotate the texts if they wish. After the 15 minutes of reading time, explain to pupils that they should work through the whole Reading answer booklet, referring to the Reading booklet as necessary. Pupils should be instructed to skim through the Reading answer booklet to check the range of questions and marks allocated to them so that they manage their time effectively. Remind pupils that if they cannot answer a question they should move on and return to it later. Pupils should try to answer all questions. Give pupils appropriate time reminders during the test, such as halfway through and 5 minutes before the end. Explain to pupils that if they have any problems, they may ask for help but they cannot be helped with the answering of any questions or have any words read to them. If pupils have spare time at the end of the test, they may be told to check their work carefully. For information only: Some of the 2007 test papers have been printed with bar codes and computer recognition marks. This is for a trial in electronic marking, which will take place after the 2007 test series. You should administer the tests in the usual way. © Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 2007 Sourced from 275824

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