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2007 Key Stage 3 English SATs Administrator's Guide Writing (filename "ks3-english-2007-subject-specific-guidance-writing.pdf") includes:

En English tests KEY STAGE 3 Subject-specific guidance Writing LEVELS 4–7 The Writing paper should be administered in one session. Longer writing task: 45 minutes (including up to 15 minutes of recommended planning time) Shorter writing task: 30 minutes 2007 Information about the Writing paper The Writing paper must be administered in one session. Pupils must complete the longer writing task first. The Writing paper includes the longer writing task, the longer writing task planning page and the shorter writing task: – the longer writing task is a test of extended writing – the shorter writing task is a test of ability to write concisely, and includes the assessment of spelling. Pupils have one answer booklet in which to complete both their responses. More lined paper may be made available to pupils on request. The planning page is designed to help pupils make notes and think about how they are going to organise their writing. Pupils may prefer to use blank paper to plan their longer writing task, which can be provided on request. A planning page is not provided for the shorter writing task. However, if pupils wish to plan their shorter writing task they can be given blank paper or use the blank pages at the back of their answer booklet. Planning is not marked. Only the Writing paper answer booklet and any additional lined paper used by pupils should be collected at the end of the test and sent to markers. The writing tasks should not be read out to pupils. However, if an individual pupil requests that the task be read to them, it may be read out to the individual pupil, but not to the whole class. If a pupil requests clarification of a word in the task, this can be provided to the individual pupil, but an explanation of the task must not be given. Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk Please turn over Information about the Writing paper continued Spelling is assessed on the shorter writing task only. If individual pupils find the context of the 2007 shorter writing task unfamiliar or difficult because of, for example, visual impairment, you may explain that it can be adapted to radio. Markers are aware that some pupils may adapt their response in this way. Administering the Writing paper Ensure that each pupil has a Writing paper and a Writing paper answer booklet. Pupils should write their name and the name of the school on their answer booklet and any additional paper that is requested during the test. Read the instructions on the front cover of the Writing paper to pupils. Pupils may be told that if they have any problems they may ask for help. Remember, you must not explain the writing tasks, or advise on the structure of their written test work. Remind pupils that this paper assesses writing and they should pay due attention to grammar, including paragraphing and punctuation. The instructions on the Writing paper remind pupils that they have 45 minutes to complete the longer writing task, including 15 minutes of recommended planning time. Pupils may start their writing before the 15 minutes of planning time is up. After 15 minutes, remind pupils to start writing if they have not done so already. Remind pupils, after 45 minutes, that they should be moving on to their shorter writing task. Pupils have 30 minutes to complete the shorter writing task. Remind them that spelling will be assessed on this task. Other time reminders may be given to pupils, such as halfway through the shorter writing task and 5 minutes before the end. If pupils have spare time at the end of the test, they may be told to check their work carefully. For information only: Some of the 2007 test papers have been printed with bar codes and computer recognition marks. This is for a trial in electronic marking, which will take place after the 2007 test series. You should administer the tests in the usual way. © Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 2007 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 275824