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2004 Key Stage 3 Maths SATs Mental Maths Audio Transcript Test A (filename "ks3-mathematics-2004-mental-mathematics-test-a-transcript.pdf") includes:

‘Now we are ready to start the test. For the first group of questions you will have 5 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.’ Time: 10 seconds 1 How many sides does an octagon have? 2 Divide forty-two by seven. 3 What number is the arrow pointing to on the number line? First name 4 Centimetres are a measure of length. What are square centimetres a measure of? Last name 5 Look at the expression. Write it as simply as possible. Key stage 3 mathematics 2004 Mental mathematics Test A 6 minutes 6 7 School Total marks % 7 ‘For the next group of questions you will have 10 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.’ 6 How many minutes are there in five hours? 7 8 8 In a survey people were asked if they had a mobile phone. The percentage bar chart shows the results. What percentage of people said yes? 8 I have a bag that contains twenty-pence coins. Altogether, I have twelve pounds. How many twenty-pence coins is that? 9 Add together the fractions on your answer sheet. 10 Look at the equation. When 11 There are seven red and three blue balls in a bag. I am going to take a ball out of the bag at random. What is the probability that the ball will be blue? 12 What is the sum of the angles in a rhombus? 10 Time: 5 seconds 1 7 9 =2 +6 10 1 11 7 red 3 blue 1 11 Subtract eleven from four. 15 2 7 9 Look at the triangle. What is the size of the angle marked a? 14 60 Increase one pound fifty by fifty per cent. 13 £12 Practice question 2 12 y equals forty-six, what is the value of x? £ £1.50 50% 2 3 12 13 ° 3 4 13 14 4 ‘Now turn over your answer sheet.’ 5 7 2 – 2 14 15 ° 15 5 Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 16 It takes me one and a half minutes to swim one length of the pool. How many lengths can I swim in fifteen minutes? 17 To the nearest whole number, what is the square root of eighty-three point nine? 18 A circle has radius r. What is the formula for the area of the circle? k is one more than twice m. 19 Write an equation that shows that 20 One hundred pet owners had a dog or a cat, or both. Fifty-five of the hundred had a dog. Sixty-five had a cat. How many had both a dog and a cat? Time: 15 seconds continued Time: 10 seconds continued 16 lengths 24 15 16 What must I multiply 17 24 25 1 10 3 7 83.9 25 18 n squared by to get five n cubed? is one more than twice ‘For the next group of questions you will have 15 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.’ 23 3 4 18 19 22 2 3 24 17 21 1 50 The hands of a clock are at right angles. The minute hand is pointing to twelve. What could the hour hand be pointing to? There are two answers. Write them both. 19 20 55 26 65 2 21 5 The angles in a triangle are k, What is the value of k? 27 A solid pyramid has seven faces. What shape is its base? 26 21 27 27 28 Time: 15 seconds 22 29 or The diagram shows a quadrilateral. Work out its area. 30 22 23 July 12% August 14% September 13% cm 2 29 Write three numbers that have a mean of ten and a range of two. 29 mean 10 range 2 28 k plus ten and k plus twenty. 28 ( + 20) 3 Look at the fractions. Which of them are less than a half? Ring your answers. 26 ( + 10) 20 The most popular months to get married are July, August and September. The table shows the percentages of marriages that are in those months. What percentage of marriages are not in those months? A club played twenty-four games in a season. They won the same number of games as they lost. Use the pie chart to work out how many games they won. 25 The first odd number is one. What is the hundredth odd number? % 30 23 30 ‘Put your pens down. The test is finished.’ Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk