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2004 Key Stage 3 Maths SATs Mental Maths Answer Sheet Test C (filename "ks3-mathematics-2004-mental-mathematics-test-c-answer-sheet.pdf") includes:

‘Now we are ready to start the test. For the first group of questions you will have 5 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.’ Time: 10 seconds 1 Your answer sheet shows the price of a book. How much is the book, to the nearest pound? 2 Multiply four by four. 3 Key stage 3 mathematics 2004 Mental mathematics Test C 7 lengths 32 7 Subtract forty-eight from seventy. First name 8 £ £ 45 8 Last name 4 What is fifty per cent of ten? 5 Look at the equation. Find the value of k. 6 9 School Total marks What is half of two-thirds? ‘For the next group of questions you will have 10 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.’ 7 8 9 In a local swimming pool, thirty-two lengths is half a mile. How many lengths is one mile? minutes 9 Practice question 10 10 20 11 I bought three tickets for a concert. The total cost was forty-five pounds. How much was one ticket? Your answer sheet shows part of a train timetable. How long does the journey take from Twyford to Maidenhead? 10 What is the perimeter of this square? 12 Look at the numbers. Put a ring round the median. 13 Look at the scale. About what value is the arrow pointing to? cm 11 12 4 9 10 13 20 12 Time: 5 seconds What is one quarter of sixty? 11 60 1 £ 13 £ 16.55 1 2 2 3 70 13 3 14 15 16 My birthday is twenty-two days after my friend’s birthday. This year my friend’s birthday is on a Monday. On what day will my birthday be this year? The longest flight of stairs in the world is in Switzerland. Your answer sheet shows how many stairs there are. Write this number to the nearest thousand. Look at the numbers. What is the largest number that will divide exactly into both of these numbers? 4 14 50% 22 days 14 4 5 k – 20 = 40 15 11 674 15 5 6 2 3 16 12 20 16 6 ‘Now turn over your answer sheet.’ Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 17 On the grid is a point marked A. Write the coordinates of this point. 18 What is the next number in the sequence of square numbers? One, four, nine, sixteen … 19 The chart shows the number of males and females who are members of a sports club. There are thirty males in the club. About how many females are there? 20 Time: 10 seconds continued Time: 15 seconds continued 17 24 24 There are fourteen girls and thirteen boys in a class. What is the probability that a pupil chosen at random will be a girl? 21 Look at the equation. When a is ten, what is the value of b ? , ) Sandwich £1.50 Yoghurt 75p Apple Estimate the size of the angle, in degrees. 22 25 ( 30p 17 18 1, 4, 9, 16, £ 18 25 ‘For the next group of questions you will have 15 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.’ 23 24 25 26 19 26 Look at the cube. I am going to hang it from the corner marked with an arrow. When it is hanging, which corner will be lowest? Mark the correct corner with a cross. pupils 26 females 19 27 The diagram shows three circles. Shade the part of the diagram where all three circles overlap. 20 Look at the price list. I buy one sandwich, one yoghurt and two apples. How much money is that altogether? 21 In a survey, pupils were asked if they liked playing sport. Twenty pupils said yes. How many pupils said no? 20 14 girls 13 boys 27 20 28 ° 21 22 b = 3a + 5 ° 22 28 27 Write three even numbers that add to twenty. 28 Work out the size of angle a. Time: 15 seconds 29 What is the remainder when you divide three hundred by twenty-nine? 23 30 Look at the types of quadrilaterals on your answer sheet. Which of them must have sides that are all the same length? Ring the correct ones. 29 300 29 29 30 square rectangle parallelogram rhombus kite 23 30 ‘Put your pens down. The test is finished.’ Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk