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Total writing mark Writing answer booklet En YEAR 7 This booklet contains all you need for the shorter writing task and pages for answering the longer writing task. LEVELS 3–4 2004 Jungle Adventure Shorter writing task Magazine Interview Longer writing task First name Last name School Date Remember You should spend: _ 20 minutes on the shorter task, including up to 5 minutes for planning. _ 40 minutes on the longer task, including up to 10 minutes for planning. Each task has a planning sheet to help you to organise your ideas before you start. The planning sheet will not be marked, but using it may help you to do your best. Sourced from Jungle Adventure Imagine you have won a competition to go on a survival course in the jungle. You have been given the following essential items: water food a 2-way radio a compass a medical kit You can take two more items. Your task is to explain to the judges why you would choose these two items. Remember you must be able to carry them. Planning: You might choose to take: ✓or ✗ Reasons for choice tent sleeping bag torch penknife rope your own idea Sourced from 2 Now do your writing on this page. Remember not to write a story. Jungle Adventure The two extra items I would like to take are: Sourced from 3 These pages are for you to write your interview on. Magazine Interview Interviewer Explorer (I): (E): Where did you choose to go and why? Well, I’ve always loved a challenge and… Sourced from 4 Sourced from 5 If you need more paper, ask your teacher. Sourced from 6 Sourced from Shorter writing task Marks Sentence structure, punctuation and text organisation Composition and effect Longer writing task Marks Sentence structure and punctuation Text structure and organisation Composition and effect Handwriting Spelling Total writing mark © Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 2004 QCA, Years 7 and 8 Team, 83 Piccadilly, London W1J 8QA Sourced from QCA/04/1239 (pupil pack) QCA/04/1236 (teacher pack) 259907

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