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2005 Year 7 English SATs Spelling Test (Teacher's Version) (filename "year-7-optional-2005-english-spelling-task-teachers-version.pdf") includes:

Teacher’s Copy En YEAR 7 Spelling LEVELS 3–4 2005 The Chunnel Instructions: Explain to the pupils that the complete passage will be read aloud while they follow in their own booklet. Explain to the pupils that they will hear the passage a second time and they should write in the words spoken by the teacher in the correct gaps. Allow the pupils sufficient time to write in the missing word before continuing to read the passage. Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk Teacher’s Copy The Chunnel There is now a tunnel under the English Channel which is called past ‘The Chunnel’. In the , travelling between England and France by sea involved hopping on and off ferries. For anyone suffering from seasickness, this was their definitely the worst part of nearly journey. It took 200 years of debate and planning, but finally, in 1994, the Chunnel was built. original A French engineer proposed the idea for a cross-channel tunnel in 1802. However, because the available technology was limited, this plan was abandoned. Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk 2 http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk Over the years, various schemes were proposed, but plans were stopped always While many people useful . thought it might be to have a channel tunnel, others feared it would leave them open to invasion. It took until 1987 for the decision signed to be made and England and France an agreement permitting the building of the Channel Tunnel between the two countries . The Chunnel is more than 50 kilometres long and the deepest point is almost 115 metres below sea level. The new railway system opened in 1994, making holiday can now go and business trips much easier. Travellers straight from London to Paris in less than three hours. Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk 3 http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk Acknowledgements: Photograph by Robby Whitfield QAPHOTOS © Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 2005 QCA, Years 7 and 8 Team, 83 Piccadilly, London W1J 8QA Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk QCA/05/1481 (pupil pack) QCA/05/1478 (teacher pack) http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 265493