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2005 Year 7 English SATs Writing Test (Longer Task) Something to Remember (filename "year-7-optional-2005-english-writing-longer-task.pdf") includes:

En Writing prompt for longer task YEAR 7 LEVELS 3–4 2005 This booklet contains the instructions and the planning sheet for the longer task. Please write your answer in the separate writing answer booklet. Something to Remember Remember You should spend 40 minutes on this task, including up to 10 minutes for planning. Use the planning sheet to help you to organise your ideas before you start. The planning sheet will not be marked, but using it may help you to do your best. Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk Something to Remember Think of a time when you had to do something that you were worried or excited about. This could be: First day at a new school First time away from home Making a speech in assembly A competition or challenge Or your own idea... Your task is to write two diary entries: the first one before the event; the second one after the event, when it is all over. In your diary, write some of the most important things that happened to you and your thoughts and feelings before and after the event. You can make up some of the details if you cannot remember them clearly. Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk 2 http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk Planning Make some brief notes to help you with your diary entries. The event: Thoughts and feelings before the event Thoughts and feelings after the event Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk 3 http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk © Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 2005 QCA, Years 7 and 8 Team, 83 Piccadilly, London W1J 8QA Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk QCA/05/1480 (pupil pack) QCA/05/1478 (teacher pack) http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 265490