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CircusWritPrompt275383.qxp 30/1/07 11:53 pm Page 1 En English test YEAR 7 LEVELS 3–4 Writing prompt for longer task 2007 This booklet contains the instructions and the planning sheet for the longer writing task. Please write your answer in the separate writing answer booklet. Circus performers needed Remember ■ Your teacher will read this writing prompt to you. ■ You should spend 40 minutes on this task, including up to 10 minutes for planning. ■ Use the planning sheet to help you to organise your ideas before you start. The planning sheet will not be marked, but using it may help you to do your best. Sourced from CircusWritPrompt275383.qxp 30/1/07 11:53 pm Page 2 Circus performers needed Imagine you see the following advertisement. Circus performers needed We are a travelling circus and we visit lots of different places around the United Kingdom and abroad. We need new performers to come with us – you don’t need to be experienced – we can offer some training if necessary. Please write to us explaining why you want to join our circus and why you think you would be good at the job. Letters to: Mr B I G Topp Victor’s Circus c/o PO Box 123 Trapezetown Your task is to write a letter applying to perform in the circus, explaining why you think you would be good at the job. (Remember, you can use your imagination to make up the information you include in your letter.) Sourced from 2 CircusWritPrompt275383.qxp 30/1/07 11:53 pm Page 3 Circus performers needed Planning Make some brief notes to help you write your letter. Why you want to join the circus Persuasive words or phrases Which acts you would like to perform and why Skills and interests that would make you good at the job How to end your letter Sourced from 3 CircusWritPrompt275383.qxp 30/1/07 11:53 pm Page 4 Acknowledgements Illustrations by Jacey Abram Sourced from and Curriculum © Authority 2007 QCA/06/2808 (Pupil pack) 275383 QCA/06/2806 (Mark scheme pack)

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