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2004 Year 8 Maths SATs Mental Maths Audio Transcript (filename "year-8-optional-2004-mathematics-mental-maths-audio-transcript.pdf") includes:

Mental mathematics test Year 8 optional tests in mathematics 74 8_tgMS_10.indd 74 ‘Now we are ready to start the test. For the first group of questions you will have 5 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.’ Time: 10 seconds Y Year 8 mathematics Levels 4–7 1 What number is multiplied by seven to make sixty-three? Mental mathematics test 2 Twelve thousand and ninety-two people went to watch a football match. Write this number in figures. First name 3 Look at the probabilities on your answer sheet. Put a ring round the probability that represents something that is impossible. Last name 4 Class 2 4 Add seven to minus twelve. 5 Look at the expression on your answer sheet. Write it as simply as possible. 6 How many eighths are there in a half? 7 The width of a flower bed is seventy-two centimetres to the nearest centimetre. What is the smallest possible width of the flower bed? ‘For the next group of questions you will have 10 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.’ 8 B A Total marks Date 0 0 2 ( C 4 6 , ) Practice question 13 16 Look at the triangle drawn on the grid. Write the coordinates of the point marked A. 9 6 3:15pm Find half of twenty-three. 10 A film starts at three fifteen pm and lasts for one and a half hours. At what time does the film end? 10 12 30 60 100 Time: 5 seconds 11 About how many centimetres is one foot? Ring the best answer on your answer sheet. 7.2 7.3 12 What number is the arrow pointing to on the number line? 13 Look at the numbers on your answer sheet. Put rings round all the numbers that are factors of twenty. 0 1 100 1 2 3 4 14 A rectangle is ten centimetres long and two and a half centimetres wide. What is the area of the rectangle? 15 Look at the equation. What is the value of x? 1 40 –12 10 cm2 60 5 10cm 20 1 2 2 cm 10 + 2k + k + 4 4x + 1 = 3x + 6 ‘Now turn over your answer sheet.’ 1 8 30/01/2004, 12:34:44 16 Look at the diagram. The lines marked with arrows are parallel. What is the size of angle w? 17 Find the value of four cubed. Sourced from SATs-Papers.co.uk cm http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk 1 2 72cm Year 8 optional tests in mathematics 8_tgMS_10.indd 75 18 Look at the expression on your answer sheet. Multiply out the brackets. 19 Look at the calculation. Write down an approximate answer. Time: 15 seconds Time: 10 seconds continued 20 Look at your answer sheet. Complete the factorisation. Cats Dogs ‘For the next group of questions you will have 15 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.’ 40 dogs ˚ 21 The pictogram shows the number of cats and dogs owned by pupils in a class. The pupils own twelve cats. How many dogs do they own? 43 22 Look at the four by four square grid. Shade two more squares so that the grid has exactly two lines of symmetry. 2( 6 + y) 23 Puzzle books cost one pound forty-nine pence each. Altogether, how much do four of these puzzle books cost? 24 In a survey, ten people out of one hundred said they had not passed their driving test. What angle would show this on a pie chart? 25 In a shop, a watch costs twenty-four pounds. The shop reduces the price of the watch by ten per cent in a sale. What is the price of the watch in the sale? 0.491 × 31.2 £ 1.49 £ 8x – 20 = 4( – ) ˚ 10 £ 24 £ 26 A recipe for a cake needs one hundred grams of flour. I have three and a half kilograms of flour. How many of these cakes can I make? 27 I am thinking of two numbers. My numbers multiply together to make ten, and add together to make minus seven. What two numbers am I thinking of? 28 The probability of taking a yellow ticket from a bag at random is nought point two. There are fifty yellow tickets in the bag. How many tickets are in the bag altogether? 29 The angles in a triangle are n, two n and three n degrees. What is the value of n? 75 30/01/2004, 12:34:45 30 A square of side length two centimetres is enlarged by a scale factor of three. What is the areafromthe enlarged square? http://www.SATs-Papers.co.uk Sourced of SATs-Papers.co.uk ‘Put your pens down. The test is finished.’ Mental mathematics test 100 10% 1 2 3 kg and 10 0.2 n˚ cm2 –7 50 2n˚ 3n˚ 2 cm