11+ Papers

11+ practice papers make ideal practice for children before they face their real 11+ paper.

Past 11+ Papers

Click on the grammar school links below to read each school's full 11+ entrance guide and download their past 11+ papers and familiarisation papers.

Grammar School Region Entrance Exam Exam Board
The Henrietta Barnett School Barnet, LondonHenrietta Barnett 11+GL Assessment
Queen Elizabeth's School Barnet, LondonQE Barnet 11+GL Assessment
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School Barnet, LondonSt Michael's Catholic Grammar School 11+GL Assessment
Reading School BerkshireFSCE 11+FSCE
Kendrick School BerkshireKendrick School 11+GL Assessment
Herschel Grammar School BerkshireSlough Consortium 11+GL Assessment
Langley Grammar School
St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School
Upton Court Grammar School
Beths Grammar School Bexley, LondonBexley Selection Test 11+GL Assessment
Bexley Grammar School
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School
Townley Grammar School
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School BirminghamWest Midlands Grammar Schools 11+GL Assessment
King Edward VI Aston School
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls
King Edward VI Five Ways School
King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys
King Edward VI Handsworth School
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls
Newstead Wood School Bromley, LondonNewstead Wood School 11+GL Assessment
St Olave's and St Saviour's Grammar School Bromley, LondonSt Olave's SETInternal
Aylesbury Grammar School BuckinghamshireBuckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test (STT)GL Assessment
Aylesbury High School
Beaconsfield High School
Burnham Grammar School
Chesham Grammar School
Dr Challoner's Grammar School
Dr Challoner's High School
John Hampden Grammar School
Royal Latin School
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School
The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe
Wycombe High School
The Crossley Heath School CalderdaleHalifax Grammar Schools 11+GL Assessment
The North Halifax Grammar School
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith CumbriaQueen Elizabeth Grammar School 11+GL Assessment
Devonport High School for Boys DevonDevonport Boys 11+GL Assessment
Colyton Grammar School DevonFSCE 11+FSCE
Devonport High School for Girls DevonPlymouth & Devonport Girls 11+GL Assessment
Plymouth High School for Girls
Churston Ferrers Grammar School Academy DevonSouth Devon 11+GL Assessment
Torquay Boys' Grammar School
Torquay Girls' Grammar School
Bournemouth School DorsetDorset 11+GL Assessment
Bournemouth School for Girls
Parkstone Grammar School
Poole Grammar School
The Latymer School Enfield, LondonThe Latymer School 11+GL Assessment
Colchester County High School for Girls EssexCSSE 11+CSSE
Colchester Royal Grammar School
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford
Southend High School for Boys
Southend High School for Girls
Westcliff High School for Boys Academy
Westcliff High School for Girls
Chelmsford County High School for Girls EssexFSCE 11+FSCE
Denmark Road High School GloucestershireGloucestershire 11+GL Assessment
Marling School
Pate's Grammar School
Ribston Hall High School
Sir Thomas Rich's School
Stroud High School
The Crypt School
Loreto Grammar School Greater ManchesterLoreto Grammar School 11+GL Assessment
Saint Ambrose College Greater ManchesterSaint Ambrose College 11+GL Assessment
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys Greater ManchesterTrafford 11+GL Assessment
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls
Sale Grammar School
Stretford Grammar School
Urmston Grammar Academy
Barton Court Grammar School KentKent 11+ TestGL Assessment
Borden Grammar School
Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School
Cranbrook School
Dane Court Grammar School
Dartford Grammar School
Dartford Grammar School for Girls
Dover Grammar School for Boys
Dover Grammar School for Girls
Gravesend Grammar School
Highsted Grammar School
Highworth Grammar School
Invicta Grammar School
Maidstone Grammar School
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls
Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend
Oakwood Park Grammar School
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School
Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys
Sir Roger Manwood's School
The Folkestone School for Girls
The Harvey Grammar School
The Judd School
The Norton Knatchbull School
The Skinners' School
Tonbridge Grammar School
Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
Weald of Kent Grammar School
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls
The Tiffin Girls' School Kingston upon Thames, LondonTiffin 11+GL Assessment
Tiffin School
Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School LancashireLancashire 11+GL Assessment
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School
Lancaster Royal Grammar School
Caistor Grammar School LincolnshireCaistor Grammar School 11+Internal
Boston High School LincolnshireLincolnshire 11+GL Assessment
Bourne Grammar School
Carre's Grammar School
Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School
Kesteven and Sleaford High School Selective Academy
King Edward VI Grammar School
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar Alford - A Selective Academy
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle
Skegness Grammar School
Spalding Grammar School
Spalding High School
The Boston Grammar School
The King's School, Grantham
The Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough
The Blue Coat School LiverpoolThe Blue Coat School 11+Internal
Chatham Grammar Medway, KentMedway 11+GL Assessment
Fort Pitt Grammar School
Holcombe Grammar School
Rainham Mark Grammar School
Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School
The Rochester Grammar School
Ermysted's Grammar School North YorkshireErmysted's Grammar School 11+GL Assessment
Ripon Grammar School North YorkshireRipon Grammar School 11+GL Assessment
Skipton Girls' High School North YorkshireSkipton Girls' High School 11+GL Assessment
Ilford County High School Redbridge, LondonRedbridge 11+GL Assessment
Woodford County High School
Haberdashers' Adams ShropshireWest Midlands Grammar Schools 11+GL Assessment
Newport Girls' High School Academy
St Joseph's College Stoke-on-TrentSt Joseph's College 11+Internal
Nonsuch High School for Girls Sutton, LondonSutton Selective Eligibility Test (SET)Sutton Selective Eligibility Test (SET)
Sutton Grammar School
Wallington County Grammar School
Wallington High School for Girls
Wilson's School
Queen Mary's Grammar School WalsallWest Midlands Grammar Schools 11+GL Assessment
Queen Mary's High School
Alcester Grammar School WarwickshireWest Midlands Grammar Schools 11+GL Assessment
King Edward VI School
Lawrence Sheriff School
Rugby High School
Stratford Girls' Grammar School
Heckmondwike Grammar School West YorkshireHeckmondwike Grammar School 11+Internal
Bishop Wordsworth's Church of England Grammar School WiltshireBishop Wordsworth's School 11+GL Assessment
South Wilts Grammar School WiltshireSouth Wilts 11+GL Assessment
St Anselm's College WirralSt Anselm's College 11+Internal
Upton Hall School FCJ WirralUpton Hall School 11+GL Assessment
Calday Grange Grammar School WirralWirral 11+GL Assessment
West Kirby Grammar School
Wirral Grammar School for Boys
Wirral Grammar School for Girls
Wolverhampton Girls' High School WolverhamptonWest Midlands Grammar Schools 11+GL Assessment

11+ Practice Papers

GL Assessment

These Free GL 11+ Practice Papers were published by GL Assessment themselves.

Exam Board Subject Answer Sheet Question Booklet Marking Scheme (Answers)
GL AssessmentEnglish
GL AssessmentVerbal Reasoning
GL AssessmentMaths
GL AssessmentNon-Verbal Reasoning


These Free GL 11+ Practice Papers were published by CGP and we thank them for granting us permission to distribute them. They are up to date and extremely useful.

Exam Board Subject Answer Sheet Question Booklet Marking Scheme (Answers)
GL AssessmentMaths
GL AssessmentEnglish
GL AssessmentVerbal Reasoning
GL AssessmentNon-Verbal Reasoning

These Free CEM 11+ Practice Papers were published by CGP and we thank them for granting us permission to distribute them. They are up to date and extremely useful.

Exam Board Subject Answer Sheet Question Booklet Marking Scheme (Answers)
CEMVerbal Reasoning
CEMNon-Verbal Reasoning


These Free CSSE 11+ Practice Papers were published by the 11+ exam board CSSE.

Exam Board Subject Question Booklet Marking Scheme (Answers)

11+ Practice Papers

11+ Papers are used by grammar schools as part of their entry procedure. We host a number of free practice papers for 11+ entry, published by Bond, Owl Tutors, GL Assessment, CSSE and CGP.

The purpose of 11+ papers is to gauge your child's intelligence and academic potential. Test providers try hard to craft exams that children cannot prepare for but it's a tricky task. No matter how 11+ papers are structured, good preparation will always be essential.

11+ papers are not easy. Their purpose is to separate higher ability children so don't expect your child to achieve full marks. However, with 11+ practice papers you will see their performance and confidence improve.

11 plus papers are available in English, Maths, Verbal reasoning and Non-Verbal reasoning. Pay close attention to the subjects and 11+ test provider for your target schools. Some grammar schools test certain subjects and others don't so make sure your preparation is correctly targeted.

Several grammar schools require a separate test in creative writing. These are sometimes used to analyse children's grammar, punctuation and spelling (as well as their imagination) but more often than not this test is used as a tie-breaker.

As a further complication, some grammar schools will use two 11+ exam papers whilst others will use three or more. Pay close attention to the number of 11 plus exam papers for your target school.

11+ Paper Test Providers

The 11 plus papers your child will take depends on where you live. Entry to the 11 plus paper will be organised by your local authority,  a group of schools or an individual school.

Most areas use GL Assessment (NFER). Other areas write the 11+ papers themselves or choose not to disclose the source.

The content of these papers can vary significantly. Again, ensure your 11+ preparation is correctly targeted.

11+ Past Papers

As well as 11 plus practice papers, some grammar schools release 11+ past papers. These are extremely valuable for children attempting to gain entry to those schools.

It's rare for children to have a complete 11 plus past papers from a target school. If these are available, use them extensively. The papers will tell you what test styles, subjects and topics come up. This information makes these 11 plus past papers incredibly valuable to your preparation.

GL Assessment have released several 11 plus past papers in recent time. If your target schools use them, download the GL Assessment sample papers free of charge.

Passing 11 plus papers can get children into an excellent grammar school
Passing 11 plus papers can get children into an excellent grammar school

About 11+ Papers

11+ Papers are an IQ test for children that seek to assess your child's potential. Deemed unfair in 1976, 11+ papers were abolished and replaced with the modern comprehensive system.

Many disagreed with this decision and the debate surrounding 11+ test papers continues today.

Several areas in the UK still have grammar schools alongside modern comprehensives. Gaining entry to these grammar schools is ferociously competitive. Using 11+ practice papers is essential.

Getting through 11+ papers and into grammar school can be stressful.
Getting through 11+ papers and into grammar school can be stressful.

There are plenty of 11+ past papers, 11 plus mock exams and 11 plus sample papers available to download. By using these 11+ exam papers, your child will feel more confident approaching their 11+ paper.

11 plus test papers are enormously valuable for children hoping to enter a grammar school. With so many grammar school test papers free of charge on our website, we urge you to use them. Grammar schools, for all their faults, offer amazing possibilities to children.

Since 2011 we have offered grammar school test papers free of charge to millions. Thank you for your support!   

11 Plus

What is the 11 Plus?

What's the 11 plus you ask? Well first, a brief bit of history...

After World War 2, the Education Act dictated that state education should be free of charge and fall into two forms - grammar schools and secondary moderns. Grammar schools would focus on academic subjects whilst secondary moderns would teach trades.

The 11 plus (also known as 11+ exam or 11plus) was the test to determine whether a child went to a grammar school or a secondary modern.

Children judged to have a higher academic potential would go to a grammar school with the rest going to a secondary modern.

In 1960 there were over 1,200 grammar schools in the UK.

A typical British grammar school photo from the 1960s.
A typical British grammar school photo from the 1960s.

Why did the 11 plus stop?

In the 1950s and 1960s some politicians argued that selective education systems reinforced class division. They also added that middle-class privilege only increased these divisions.

In 1965, the government ordered LEAs to start phasing out grammar schools and replace them with modern comprehensives. Then in 1976, legislation was cast to ban the introduction of any new selective education schools.

However, some areas of England refused, dug in their heels and kept their grammar schools. Today 163 grammar schools remain, run alongside comprehensives.

Wait, so does the 11+ still exists?

Yes...weirdly. The 11 plus is now a collective term for the entrance exams that the remaining grammar schools offer.

Contrary to popular belief (and legislation), the 11+ exam is still alive and extremely popular.
Contrary to popular belief (and legislation), the 11+ exam is still alive and extremely popular.

Should my child to take the 11 plus?

Most grammar schools were dismantled and transformed into secondary comprehensives for political reasons.

The 11 plus offered thousands of children from impoverished backgrounds a genuine opportunity. There's little doubt that the very nature of selective education did reinforce class privilege. However, for those that got the opportunity, they often went on to greater things.

The atmosphere inside today's grammar schools is without doubt a "social bubble". Try as they may to limit it, plenty of pupils come from privileged backgrounds and benefited from 11+ exam training

Catchment areas and Britain's housing market have only reinforced middle-class privilege. This has led to dwindling numbers of children from lower-income backgrounds.

In 1998 the government enacted legislation that strengthened powers to stop new grammar schools from opening. It also allowed for parent ballots on the future of existing grammar schools.

Only one ballot ever took place and the government embarassingly lost it, 67% to 33%. As a result Ripon Grammar remained a grammar school.

But enough negative talk...

Grammar schools offer children a spectacular academic environment. Their facilities, both academic and extra-curricular are almost incomparable to comprehensive schools. Their exam results speak for themselves with the top 40 grammars scoring 100% A*-C at GCSE in 2016.

Frankly, if your child has the opportunity to attend a grammar school, grab it with both hands. You would be mad not to.

167,000 children attend grammar schools in England
167,000 children attend grammar schools in England

So how do I enter them for an 11 plus exam?

Getting your child into a grammar school is not a simple task.

Every grammar school continues to offer an 11 plus paper to determine their intake.

Some local authorities automatically enter children for these tests while they're still in primary school. Others require you to apply. Some grammar schools band together as a consortium and offer a grouped test to whomever applies. Also, some grammar schools offer 11 plus exams to parents and children that only apply directly to them. Sadly, it was probably all a lot easier prior to 1965...

To confuse matters, the 11 plus exams that each of the above scenarios offer can be from different test providers. GL Assessment is the main test provider but there are others.

Lastly, to confuse you even more, two grammar schools could have the same test provider but not the same subjects! For example, some use Non-Verbal reasoning tests whilst others only use English and Maths.

Confusing eh?!

Even that doesn't put off the hundreds of thousands of parents that apply every year. Many schools report over 12 children applying for every single place.

Thankfully, we have a helpful 11 plus entry table to help you with your 11+ exam process.

How can I enter my child for an 11 plus exam?

First of all, look at our 11 plus entry table. Check the "Admissions" column.

Applying for the 11+

All 11+ areas have a responsibility to be fair with their entries but they do have very strict deadlines. Get informed and be organised.

Contact the admissions provider for the school (or schools) you would like to apply for. This could be the LEA, the school or a body that acts on behalf of the consortium of schools.

Politely request detailed information about:

  • When 11+ exam will take place.
  • Where 11+ exam will take place.
  • What topics are in their 11+ exam.
  • What format the test(s) will take (multiple choice or standard answer).

It's also very important to ask whether there are any other admissions criteria such as a maximum distance from the school.

Don't feel nervous contacting them, you won't be the only person asking.

Get organised and plan it. It's not much work and it could well be the best thing you ever do for your child's education.

There doesn't seem to be a grammar school near me.

Sorry, you're going to need a time machine. Blame the politicians that made those decisions back in 1965.

Sorry Marty, it's probably not going to happen
Sorry Marty, it's probably not going to happen

How do I prepare my child for their 11+ exam?

By now you should know:

  • The target grammar school(s).
  • The test provider (GL Assessment, FCSE etc).
  • The subjects that will be tested (Maths, English etc).
  • The format of the tests (Cloze, Multiple Choice etc).

Some parents appoint personal tutors for their children to help improve their performance. This can be very confidence boosting and test providers do their best to limit the "exam coaching" effect that it has.

Personal tutors are expensive though and by no means are they essential to passing the 11+ exam. Indeed many pupils obtain places in grammar schools by only practising past 11 plus papers or 11+ practice papers.

11+ Verbal reasoning and 11+ Non-verbal reasoning are both unique tests. They are often used because they gauge aptitude and don't require any previous experience. Having said that, the distinct nature of the tests means a child will benefit from preparation.

The 11 plus is the same as everything else in life: There's no substitute for experience.

11+ Maths and 11+ English tests will seem more familiar to your child. 11+ Maths tests will be of a problem solving nature and get harder as children progress through the paper.

11+ English assessments typically contain a comprehension test or a writing assessment. Often they contain both. They may also have a Cloze test. Again, practice makes perfect.

Most important of all is that your child prepares for the tests that they will be facing.

With enough practice, your child can walk into the actual exam feeling far more confident and much more likely to pass.

Is all this too much to read and take in? Ok - here's the most important take-away - Don't delay, start preparing today.

Understanding your local grammar school system isn't necessarily very simple
Understanding your local grammar school system isn't necessarily very simple


What is the highest mark for 11+?

100% - full marks! Don't worry though, nobody expects children to achieve this.

How difficult is the 11+?

The 11+ is a hard test! Combining comprehension, maths and reasoning, the 11+ tests are challening and should not be underestimated.

What percentage is the pass rate for 11+?

The pass rate for the 11+ is around 80%. I.e. children hoping to pass the 11+ will need to score around 80% across their tests.

What are the best 11+ Practice papers?

We think the CGP range of 11+ Practice papers are the best.


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