About SATs-Papers.co.uk

SATs-Papers.co.uk was setup in 2011 to do just one simple thing : to give all school children, their parents and their teachers, easy access to SATs past papers. That's it.

For years there have been tens of other websites attempting to do exactly this however they are poorly designed, plagued with bad links and often infrequently updated. One of the worst offenders included the government's own Education Department website! Some other websites even sell the papers, something I'm sure the STA would be horrified about should they ever find out.

We wanted to start something from scratch. A website that was simple, easy to use and that teachers, parents and pupils could find helpful.

In January 2012, SATs-Papers.co.uk went live and offered over 500 past SATs papers to anyone who wanted them. Ever since then we have been adding more papers, audio tests, revision guides and other resources as we come across them and recently we passed the 900 resources mark.

Tell people about SATs-Papers.co.uk!

It would be silly to find such a useful resource and not tell anyone else about it! Why not place a link on your website or blog. Simply use your WYSIWYG editor (or raw HTML code if you're smart enough!) and link directly to http://www.sats-papers.co.uk or whichever of our pages is most relevant. You may also want to download our Image Media Pack, a small collection of website images to help identify us.

SATs Links, Websites & Resources

Here is a list of all the SATs resources we like the most on the internet. Some of them are not free although if this is the case then you can guarantee they're worth it. If you feel we have missed any out then please contact us!

  • Exam Ninja

    Award winning website for exam preparation materials like revision guides, workbooks and practice papers.

  • Many Barrow's Homework Help

    Originally "The Woodlands Junior School" website, it's now in the safe hands of its original author Mandy Barrow. This website is known world wide for housing a fantastic collection of primary school resources. Although there are plenty of dead links across the website (it's in desperate need of heavy maintenance) a large proportion of the content on there is very good indeed.

  • BBC Bitesize KS2

    The BBC Bitesize resources website is a fantastic (if very loud) website that's got some very unique learning games.

  • Higham St John's SATs website

    A great little year 6 SATs revision website.

  • ICTeachers

    ICTeachers has some fantastic SATs revision resources. Many hundreds of questions.

  • Higher Bebington School

    Higher Bebington School has a great little collection of SATs resources including revision quizzes.

We hope that you find SATs-Papers.co.uk easy to use and helpful and who knows, you could well find yourself using our free services for your children's KS1 SATs, KS2 SATs and more!

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