KS2 Science SATs

Here are all KS2 Science SATs for you to download.

KS2 Science SATs

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About KS2 Science SATs

Lord Bew's review of Key Stage 2 testing in 2010 concluded that teacher assessments in Science would continue but that a selection of schools should take national sampling tests to monitor standards. A biennial pupil-level sampling system was introduced in 2014 and hence in 2017 there will be no test, the next will take place in 2018. A sample of approximately 9500 children will be randomly selected (based on 5 children from 1900 schools).

Once instructed, children will sit the test within a two week window from Monday 4th June 2018 and it will consist of three separate papers (Biology, Chemistry and Physice). Each will take no longer than 25 minutes to complete. Schools that are selected will be required to participate, it is not optional. This requirement to participate (as well as the separate papers split by scientific subject) man make the KS2 Science SATs seem very intimidating. There's no need to worry though as your child will understand the questions, it will never reflect directly on them and the randomisation ensures that no individual school or child can be subsequently identified.

If your child is coming up to their SATs, why not look at our detailed guide to SATs Revision.

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