KS1 SATs Papers

Here are all KS1 SATs Papers (2001-2016) for you to instantly download. KS1 SATs tests are taken by pupils at the end of Year 2 (6-7 years old). Formal KS1 SATs resumed in 2016 after being stopped in 2004. KS1 SATs tests are taken by children at the end of Year 2 (when they are 6-7 years old) as part of the National Curriculum assessment programme. KS1 SATs tests are in English Reading, Maths and Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar.

2017 KS1 SATs Tests

KS1 English Reading SATs Papers

The 2017 KS1 English Reading test includes two separate papers which need to be administered in order. Each paper is worth 50% of the total marks. Read More >>

YearSpelling Test Posters 1 Posters 2 Reading Booklet 1 Reading Paper 2 (Questions) Reading Booklet 2 Reading Booklet 3 Question Booklet Marking Scheme Level Thresholds
2016 (Sample)

What's in the 2017 KS1 Reading SATs Paper?

KS1 Maths SATs Papers

What's in the 2017 KS1 Maths SATs Paper?

KS1 SPaG SATs Papers

What's in the 2017 KS1 SPaG SATs Paper?

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  • 1. Avoid the taboo. Avoid any temptation to pretend they don’t exist and instead talk to your child about their SATs tests. Understand what they’re going to be doing and understand any concerns they have. Listen, be sympathetic and reassure them that they should not worry. Their teachers will also be doing this but it […]

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