Tonbridge Grammar School 11+ Guide

A detailed look at Tonbridge Grammar School including past 11+ papers and practice 11+ papers.

About Tonbridge Grammar School

Tonbridge Grammar School is a selective secondary school in Kent. For children to get into Tonbridge Grammar School they need to pass the school's 11+ entrance test. Hence, Tonbridge Grammar School is a traditional grammar school, one of only 163 remaining in England.

Nestled in the picturesque county of Kent, Tonbridge Grammar School is a prestigious selective school for girls. The school's expansive 14-acre campus in Deakin Leas provides an idyllic setting for learning and personal growth. With a steadfast commitment to its motto, "Courage and Honour," Tonbridge Grammar School sets the bar high for academic excellence and character development.

All images © Tonbridge Grammar School.
All images © Tonbridge Grammar School.

The school's comprehensive curriculum, which undergoes annual revisions and enhancements, is designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills they need to pursue their chosen career paths and become responsible, engaged members of society. Tonbridge Grammar School's enrichment programme is a cornerstone of its educational approach, offering students a wealth of opportunities to broaden their horizons. From captivating trips to far-flung destinations like Iceland and Japan to a diverse array of extracurricular activities, including Jazz Band, debating, STEM Club, and hockey, students are encouraged to explore their interests and passions within the school's dynamic learning environment.

All images © Tonbridge Grammar School.
All images © Tonbridge Grammar School.

At Tonbridge Grammar School, creating a safe, inclusive, and nurturing learning atmosphere is of utmost importance. The school recognizes the significance of fostering intellectual, social, and emotional growth in its students, while also promoting a sense of global connectedness and encouraging them to become active contributors to the betterment of the world. The school's dedication to its learners' mental well-being is exemplified by its innovative "Wellbeing Hub," where each pupil can access personalized and professional support from trained staff, reflecting the school's holistic approach to education.

All images © Tonbridge Grammar School.
All images © Tonbridge Grammar School.

Year after year, Tonbridge Grammar School celebrates the remarkable academic achievements of its students, with many securing placements at prestigious universities. The school's outstanding academic record is a testament to the dedication and expertise of its teaching staff and the unwavering commitment of its students. Ofsted, the UK's educational oversight body, has recognized Tonbridge Grammar School's exceptional standards by awarding it an "Outstanding" rating, further cementing its position as a beacon of educational excellence.

Tonbridge Grammar School is a girls-only grammar school.
Tonbridge Grammar School is a girls-only grammar school.

School Information

Below you will find further information about Tonbridge Grammar School together with their admissions contact details.

Tonbridge Grammar School,
Deakin Leas,
School Website
Telephone 01732365125
Email Address
Gender Girls only
Total Year 7 Places 180
Total Pupils (Girls/Boys) 1131 (1102 Girls / 29 Boys)
Head Teacher Mrs Rebecca Crean

Tonbridge Grammar School is a girls only school. It is also an academy, meaning the school is run independently by a trust or sponsor and is directly funded by the central government (not the local authority).

In total 1,131 pupils attend Tonbridge Grammar School and it's led by the Head Teacher, Mrs Rebecca Crean.

Tonbridge Grammar School Location

Below you will find a map showing the school's location:

GCSE & A-Level Subjects

Below you will find a complete list of GCSE and A-Level subjects offered to pupils at Tonbridge Grammar School for the 2022-23 academic year.

GCSE Subjects Offered
  • English Literature (176 pupils)
  • English Language (176 pupils)
  • Mathematics (176 pupils)
  • Chemistry (167 pupils)
  • Biology (167 pupils)
  • Physics (167 pupils)
  • History (119 pupils)
  • Geography (116 pupils)
  • Spanish (78 pupils)
  • Latin (73 pupils)
  • French (58 pupils)
  • Computer Studies/Computing (57 pupils)
  • Design & Technology (51 pupils)
  • Drama & Theatre Studies (48 pupils)
  • Music (35 pupils)
  • Art & Design (Fine Art) (30 pupils)
  • Physical Education/Sports Studies (27 pupils)
  • Science: Double Award (9 pupils)
A-Level Subjects Offered
  • Psychology (49 pupils)
  • Biology (47 pupils)
  • History (40 pupils)
  • Chemistry (34 pupils)
  • Geography (31 pupils)
  • Economics (24 pupils)
  • Logic / Philosophy (23 pupils)
  • Physics (20 pupils)
  • Other Classical Languages (13 pupils)
  • Physical Education / Sports Studies (11 pupils)
  • Computer Studies / Computing (9 pupils)
  • Music (6 pupils)

Kent 11+ Test Information

In order to get into Tonbridge Grammar School, children need to pass the Kent 11+ Test. This 11+ test is written by GL Assessment for use by the school's admissions process.

Kent 11+ Test Subjects & Structure

The Kent 11+ Test requires children to complete tests in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Spatial Reasoning

The entrance examination for Tonbridge Grammar School is known as the Kent Test. This assessment, provided by GL Assessment, consists of two multiple-choice papers designed to evaluate a child's academic potential and reasoning abilities.

The first paper, which lasts for one hour, focuses on English and maths and is based on the Key Stage 2 national curriculum. The second paper, also one hour in duration, assesses verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, and spatial reasoning. These subjects are not typically taught in schools, so children may be less familiar with the question formats.

The Kent Test aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a child's abilities, helping Tonbridge Grammar School select students who demonstrate the greatest potential for academic success within their challenging educational environment.

Other Schools using Kent 11+ Test

As well as Tonbridge Grammar School, several other schools also use Kent 11+ Test. These are:

Kent 11+ Test Marking Process

The reality of 11+ tests, selective education and academic institutions such as Tonbridge Grammar School is that only children with particularly high marks are admitted. Hence why it is important that children perform well in their 11+ papers.

Different schools (and different 11+ tests) have different marking processes. Some tests are marked in person, some remotely, while others utilise computer-based optical recognition technologies for quickly marking multiple-choice answer sheets.

Most 11+ tests are multiple-choice and marked electronically but still some remain that are marked by teachers or examiners.
Most 11+ tests are multiple-choice and marked electronically but still some remain that are marked by teachers or examiners.

Many 11+ tests are age-standardised to ensure younger children are not disadvantaged (i.e. their marks may be moderated depending on the month in which they were born). While creative writing papers can be used as tie-breakers, multiple-choice tests in Maths, Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning normally make up the bulk of a child's marks. The specific details and weightings can vary from year to year.

It's worth remembering that once children's 11+ tests are being marked, the admissions process is completely outside of the parents' control. Hence, parents should not worry themselves about whether their child has got a place!

Kent 11+ Test Pass Mark

The pass mark for the Kent 11+ Test changes every year and isn't generally made public knowledge. This is due to the academic strength of the children taking the test varying and how challenging the test ends up being (as well as plenty of other smaller variables).

Stop worrying! Once the 11+ marking has started the admissions process is out of your control.
Stop worrying! Once the 11+ marking has started the admissions process is out of your control.

Hence, as a vague rule-of-thumb, it's recommended that children aim for roughly 75-80% in their practice tests. Whilst this won't guarantee them a place at Tonbridge Grammar School, it's a ballpark exam result figure for successful candidates.

Kent 11+ Test Key Dates for your Diary

Here are all the important dates for the Kent 11+ Test tests (to get into Tonbridge Grammar School) as well as other relevant dates.

Date Event Calendar Link
03/06/2024 Kent Test Registration Opens
01/07/2024 Kent Test Registration Closes
02/09/2024 Kent County Council Opens Secondary School Applications
12/09/2024 Kent Test Date For Children In Kent Primary Schools
14/09/2024 Kent Test Date For Children Not In Kent Primary Schools
17/10/2024 Kent Test Results Sent To Parents
31/10/2024 Secondary School Common Application Deadline
03/03/2025 National School Offers Day

Although the utmost care has been taken to gather these dates, parents should treat them as a guide and check with Tonbridge Grammar School as they may well change.

Ofsted Information

Tonbridge Grammar School was last inspected by Ofsted on 16/10/2019 and the inspection only lasted one day. Ofsted published their report on 07/11/2019, declaring that the school was 'Outstanding'. This information is summarised in the table below along with a link to the full report.

Tonbridge Grammar School obtained <strong>Outstanding</strong> in their last Ofsted inspection in 2019.
Tonbridge Grammar School obtained Outstanding in their last Ofsted inspection in 2019.

Last Ofsted Report Data

Date Inspected Inspection Duration (Days) Reporting Date Rating Full Report
16/10/2019 1 07/11/2019 Outstanding Full Report

Ofsted Report Summary

Tonbridge Grammar School was inspected by Ofsted on 16 October 2019 and received an Outstanding rating in all areas. The school demonstrated exceptional quality of education, with students consistently achieving high standards across the curriculum. The behaviour and attitudes of students were also deemed outstanding, reflecting the school's positive and inclusive learning environment.

The school's personal development provision was highly commended, with a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their skills, interests, and character. Leadership and management were found to be outstanding, with a clear vision and effective strategies in place to drive continuous improvement.

The sixth form provision at Tonbridge Grammar School was also rated as outstanding, with students receiving excellent support and guidance to achieve their academic and personal goals. Overall, the school has demonstrated its commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience for all its students.

GCSE & A-Level Performance

Below are the individual GCSE and A-Level performance tables for Tonbridge Grammar School per subject. Note that this may include children taking GCSEs early (e.g. taking a language GCSE in Year 10) or indeed a child in Year 12 retaking a GCSE.

GCSE Results Information (2022-23)

Subject Total Pupils Grades Achieved
U 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Art & Design (Fine Art) 30 - - - - - 5 5 8 5 7
Biology 167 - - - - 2 4 18 32 44 66
Chemistry 167 - - - - 2 7 21 35 39 62
Computer Studies/Computing 57 - - 1 - 4 10 10 6 12 14
Design & Technology 51 - - - - - - 3 4 11 33
English Language 176 - - - 1 1 9 19 49 49 47
English Literature 176 - - - 1 4 13 30 48 43 36
French 58 - - - - 4 4 8 12 11 19
Geography 116 - - - - 3 4 6 22 41 39
History 119 - - 1 1 3 2 12 21 42 37
Latin 73 - 1 - 1 2 3 4 13 19 30
Mathematics 176 - - - - - 13 20 32 44 66
Music 35 - - - - 1 3 8 4 5 14
Physics 167 - - - - 1 10 23 23 35 74
Spanish 78 - - - 1 3 9 6 14 20 25
Drama & Theatre Studies 48 - - - 1 3 5 17 11 10 1
Physical Education/Sports Studies 27 - - - - - 3 6 6 4 8
Science: Double Award 9 - - - - - - - - - -

A-Level Results Information (2022-23)

Subject Total Pupils Grades Achieved
U E D C B A A*
Biology 47 - - - - - - -
Chemistry 34 - - - - - - -
Computer Studies / Computing 9 - - - - - - -
Economics 24 - - - - - - -
Geography 31 - - - - - - -
History 40 - - - - - - -
Logic / Philosophy 23 - - - - - - -
Music 6 - - - - - - -
Physical Education / Sports Studies 11 - - - - - - -
Physics 20 - - - - - - -
Psychology 49 - - - - - - -
Other Classical Languages 13 - - - - - - -

Past 11+ Paper Downloads

Here are all available past 11+ papers for Tonbridge Grammar School. Please note that this may include past 11+ papers, past familiarisation booklets, past practice materials published by third parties and past 11+ exam guides written by the school. These materials are provided 'as-is' and may no longer reflect the subjects, format, structure or exam board that Tonbridge Grammar School currently uses.

The exam board that Tonbridge Grammar School chooses to use for their 11+ entrance tests can change and we encourage you to check directly with the school.

Exam Board Subject 11+ Past Paper
GL AssessmentMixed

Practice 11+ Paper Downloads

Here are some superb free 11+ practice papers that children can download and use to help prepare for the Kent 11+ Test Ensure you double-check with Tonbridge Grammar School which subjects and topics your child's 11+ tests are in to ensure you prepare for the right tests.

GL Assessment

These Free GL 11+ Practice Papers were published by GL Assessment themselves. They remain useful and we would encourage parents to download and use them with their children.

Exam Board Subject Answer Sheet Question Booklet Marking Scheme (Answers)
GL AssessmentEnglish
GL AssessmentVerbal Reasoning
GL AssessmentMaths
GL AssessmentNon-Verbal Reasoning


These Free GL 11+ Practice Papers were published by CGP and we thank them for granting us permission to distribute them. They are up to date and extremely useful.

Exam Board Subject Answer Sheet Question Booklet Marking Scheme (Answers)
GL AssessmentMaths
GL AssessmentEnglish
GL AssessmentVerbal Reasoning
GL AssessmentNon-Verbal Reasoning

These Free CEM 11+ Practice Papers were published by CGP and we thank them for granting us permission to distribute them. Grammar schools no longer use CEM for any of their 11+ entrance tests. However, as a general practice tool these tests remain useful.

Exam Board Subject Answer Sheet Question Booklet Marking Scheme (Answers)
CEMVerbal Reasoning
CEMNon-Verbal Reasoning


Is Tonbridge Grammar School hard to get into?

Yes, Tonbridge Grammar School is hard to get into! Children need to pass their challenging 11+ entrance test (with a high pass mark) and there's tough competition with many other children trying to get a place for Year 7.

Is Tonbridge Grammar School a private school?

No, Tonbridge Grammar School is one of the few remaining academically selective, state-funded grammar schools left in England.

Is Tonbridge Grammar School free?

Yes, Tonbridge Grammar School is free, there are no school fees. Thus, sending your child to Tonbridge Grammar School won't cost you any money.

How do I get my child into Tonbridge Grammar School?

You need to apply to take the school's 11+ test. Contact Tonbridge Grammar School for how up to date information on how to apply (it may be automatic or it may require some forms to be filled in). More information on their 11+ entrance test can be found here.

Is Tonbridge Grammar School a girls-only school?

Yes, Tonbridge Grammar School is a girls-only school.


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